Wednesday, December 14, 2011

double goodness

for todays 25 days of kindness act we were super excited about. and by we i mean kaiden. todays task was to bake and bring cookies to our local police and fire department. notice the “bad guys” in the back seat crying. totally realistic. firestation 006 firestation 002

firestation 003

so we set off to deliver these homemade goodies to some truly deserving men and women. we live in an area where we know how hard they work. the police especially are a constant presence in our neighborhood and we are extremely grateful.

for kaiden though the fireman was definitely the high point of his week. kaiden has wanted to be a fireman since about the age of three. he, emerson and i were in a starbucks drive thru and he called from the backseat that their were flames coming near emersons car seat. the car door had spontaneously caught on fire that morning. this was one of those moments as a mom where everything is in slow motion. you are not sure if you will panic and watch the car explode or you will stay calm and get your children to safety and call 911. i did a little of both. i screamed into the receiver at starbucks that they needed to call 911 and i quickly tore my blessings from the burning car.when the fireman arrived they were so encouraging to kaiden. they over and over again told him what a hero he was. that he was the reason we were all okay.

because of that horrific day kaiden has new heros. he is so interested in the life a fireman. in fact today when he saw them he was star struck. we were  blessed that the men today were  so gracious and loving towards all of the kids. firestation 010 firestation 009 firestation 012

the older girls were more interested in the ambulance and the paramedics job. all in all today was great. we are grateful for the compassion and kindness that was shown to us today…and they said we could bring cookies anytime!firestation 015

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