Monday, December 12, 2011


171728_1635611965970_1106841223_31430315_2602046_o  when i was 16 my parents announced that we were having another baby. this was by far one of the worst dinner conversations for a self indulged popularity preoccupied teen. believe me. i think i may have actually cried at the announcement. and not tears of joy. more like “ i can’t believe you are going to ruin my high school career” tears.

its been 21 years since that fateful dinner. sarah (aka bear) is one of the mast beautiful stunning contagiously happy people i know. when she was first born i would take her to the grocery store an get the “oh poor teenage mom” glance from shoppers passing by. but i also got the best kisses to wake me up in the morning. she loved to stand in the middle of the living room and pretend like she was in the lion king and hold a stuffed lion above her head while singing her lungs out…oh the circle of life.

it really wasn’t though until these past few years that i have realized what an amazing woman she is becoming. she does everything with passion. she can make music sing and dance off the piano keys. she is one smart cookie. like so smart she puts her siblings to shame. her laugh brightens up anyone’s heart. she has already traveled to other countries to see that the world is bigger than west michigan. she loves those around her well. she is sensitive. caring. empathetic. and compassionate.

so bear. i need you to know. you need to know how proud i am of you. you have brought such life to our lives (even in a fedex box). you have taught us how to love well. you have taught us to laugh hard. you have taught us that siblings have a bond that can never be broken. you have made me realize that you will achieve anything you put your mind to. i need you to know that i pray for you daily. i pray that you with find Christ to lead you to a life of radical love. i pray that you take risks to help those in need. i pray that your heart continue to break for what breaks His.

21 years ago i never thought i would love someone so much. you never ruined my life. you only made it better.n739439071_1439305_3143

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Avery said...

I love you sarah! You are the best aunt and to me a sister that anyone could aak for. I love you and look up to you.
Your the best(: happy birthdayy.