Friday, December 2, 2011

advent with pneumonia

not gonna lie. i did not come up with this idea. this noggin could not come up with anything this week. i have been hit with the mac truck of pneumonia this week and lets just say i would not get the home school award anytime soon. but while laying on the couch hacking up a lung i did get to follow some of my favorite blogs. laura kelley or as i like to call her ( we’d totally be real friends if she lived closer) who writes pitterpatter art gave the kids and i this awesome idea.

instead of your traditional advent calendar. we started our 25 days of kindness. random acts of selflessness. give things away. our time. our books. our money. our hats and mittens. our blankets. our words. our smiles. our love. the kids came up with all of the acts and then we placed each one in a numbered envelope. the oldest then made this display on the wall of our dining room. the kids love it. and i do too.  thanksgiving 014 thanksgiving 008

thanksgiving 013 todays gift….send letters to those you know need some sunshine in their lives.

what do you do this Christmas season to celebrate the coming of our King?

and i promise i’ll start writing again….as soon as this mac truck moves off my chest.

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