Friday, December 16, 2011


anyone who knows me knows i am a chan fan. and by chan fan i mean francis chan. he is a pastor. speaker. author and radical servant of Christ. a few years ago i read crazy love and it changed the way i viewed the world. it changed the way i viewed my life. since then i have read other books that have lit a fire inside of me that i know the Holy Spirit just fuels.

one of these books is radical by david platt. its one of those books that don’t make you feel all warm and fuzzy. more like “you better put down that latte and take a good look in the mirror” kind of book. loved it. made me squirm. made me question. my self. my church. my checkbook. loved it.

and then i met this girl. she did it. she is living radical. she heard david platt speak and knew he was speaking truth. the truth of the gospel. the gospel of Jesus Christ. to not be comfortable. but to be bold. to lay it all down and follow Him. and then she did. she gave up her comfort. her lattes. her electricity. her job. her friends. and she went. she moved thousands of miles with nothing but what she could fit in her suitcases. she knew Christ was calling her to be radical. to live by faith and follow Him.

well life has been amazingly wonderful and hard for her. she has learned to serve the people of eastern africa. she expected to help change lives. yet it is her life that has been changed. she and her husband have started an amazing organization and helped the lives of so many little ones in uganda.

my heart though tonight is aching for her. she came back to the states recently to give birth to her first born. (gorgeous baby). her husband is headed back to africa soon. like thursday soon. and she wants needs to go with him. they need to be together. they love each other. they love africa. they love Jesus.

they have been trying to raise funds for her to fly back with little baby josiah but the funds are running short. and you as well as i know how hard missionaries work to spread the love of Christ.

so tonight. as i am asking. advocating. praying. that you consider supporting this wonderful family. and send her back to africa. to her home. to where her heart is. to where radical led her.

just follow this link and press the donate button on her blog.blessings my generous friends….

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