Wednesday, May 2, 2012

now you know…

this upcoming weekend the kids and i get an amazing opportunity to be a part of something bigger. something sweeter. something that could change the life of a child thousands of miles away. may 5, 2012 is the international cupcake kids sale. for the last two years we have been working with sixty feet trying to raise awareness of the plight of children that have the same beating heart as you and me. the same God above who desires His children to take care of each other. and once we know. we cannot ignore. we cannot make excuses. we cannot change the channel. we cannot say “what about the kids in our own country.” to that. i say. what are you doing to help? so before we go and ignore or make excuses, just watch this video and tell me you are not changed.

join us on this saturday at nido art studio in aurora as we raise awareness and funds to help support the work of sixty feet and the lives of the imprisoned children of uganda… will be a yummy time!

here are a few pictures of years past….spring 2012 072


spring 2012 070cupcake



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ESolgos said...

Yay! Can't wait to get my cupcake on!