Thursday, May 3, 2012

no media….

these past few months i have been participating in 7 an experiment against excess.lets just say…next month sucks.( in a nice Christianly way). as you may recall the first month i literally cried about. i had horrible migraines for my apparent withdrawal from caffeine. i never realized how addicted i had become to the green mermaid and all of her java friends. the following two months didn’t really bother me. i had to wear the same seven clothes all month. no big deal. i went to catholic school. it just reminded me of plaid uniforms. the next was everyone in the family give away seven items each for everyday of the month. i loved this month. i got rid of stuff that we just didn’t need or use…it was awesome.

after the first month ended i thought it couldn’t get any worse. well people. its about to.

starting on monday there will be no more facebook, tv, video games, blogs, checking email on phone, itouch,texting for phone,  or any other electronic device. the exception is the computer for writing and school. the kids are all on board as of now. however we will see how long that goes  on when they discover that no tv includes phineas and ferb. don’t even get me started on arthur. lawrd have mercy their might be a pbs meltdown over here.

by i am realizing that as the day draws near how nervous this month makes me. i am humbly discovering how much affirmation and inspiration i receive from social media sources. and it makes me sad. and lonely. and frustrated that i rely on such things as the mighty facebook for social interaction. and noise when i can’t stand the silence.

so obviously i have some issues to deal with. some more addictions to rid myself of. to sit in the silence and be ok with it. to quiet myself before the cross instead of the computer.

all in all i think the kids will do fine. they don’t really ever play a video game. they don’t have any hand held device that i need to pry their hands from. but ferb. no ferb may cause some sad faces around here for a while.

i am looking forward to more writing, reading, talking, and visiting. and i am looking forward to it hurting. it needs to. i need less of me and more of Him.

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