Friday, April 20, 2012

little update…

things have been a little busy around the massie home. we are trying to stay the course and finish the school year strong. although that may or may not include many more days of schoolin it up outside. because we all know when it is 75 degrees in chicago during april we need to take advantage of every opportunity to bring more freckles to our faces. ( although today is proving me wrong…seriously? 38 degrees? come on!)

for those of you that don’t know. we have accepted a referral for a sweet little one!!!! that’s about all i can tell you about him. for his protection and the security of the adoption process we need to keep details off the blog world. but….if you know me or see me or email me…i will so show you his gorgeous face….gorgeous people. we are in the process of waiting on more paperwork. but we should be traveling within the next few months! this has been an amazing journey of clinging to God and seeing His faithfulness through all of it.

that being said when you obey God you get messed with. and let’s just say….we are getting messed with. spiritually the devil is none too happy that we are adopting, or homeschooling, or obeying Christ. nope. he is not happy. and there are days that it hurts more than seems bearable. but this past week i was reminded under another attack by my bff beth moore ( we can all dream) that the devil is not after us…he is after our faith. the thing is. the more i am messed with. the more it drives me closer to the cross. i have been sealed. i belong to Him. and i will continue to obey. i will continue to cling.

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