Wednesday, May 16, 2012

unsent letters

my five year old blessing has been reeking havoc on my heart lately. she sits with her crayons and markers all over the table. various colors of paper strewn about and she draws and creates until every color has been used. she draws pictures of family members. a rainbow. our dog. our fish. even the pet turtle named elephant. she makes sure that everyone in the family is at least represented at the correct height and the amount of hair she deems acceptable.

and then she asks either i or one of her older sisters to write captions or questions underneath. she then has us read back to her what we wrote as to not make any mistakes or that her words are not lost in translation.

she started writing and drawing these pictures three months ago. three months since she saw his sweet face for the first time. three months of continued waiting. three months of unsent letters piling up on the counter. letters filled with questions and statements like “ we have a dog, do you have a dog baby brother?” “ are you happy about being my brother?” “ do you want to play babies when you come home?” “ i will let you ride my bike for 15 min” “ you will love your new mom and dad, they will read to you”” i wanted to share a room with you but mom said that you get to be with kaiden.” “wait till you taste ice cream”

these letters continue to be placed one on top of another. and with each one i pray that he hears his sisters plea. her plea. our plea for him to come home.august 007

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