Wednesday, March 14, 2012

cupcake time!!!!

i get crazy ideas. i know . i do . to some of my friends this is no surprise. many times God has put some really crazy ideas in my head. a few days ago a friend of mine ( i know we totally would be friends if she lived a lot closer…) had mentioned that it was that time of year again. she and her husband work with the non for profit organization sixty feet. one of the most amazing nonprofit that i have ever seen. if what they do doesn’t make you want to serve Jesus then i don’t know what will. last spring the kids and i had been a part of cupcake kids. we  with friends sold cupcakes in order to help support the ministry and children of sixty feet. when spring comes around  there are a few things i think about. garage sales, gardening, reading outside and my favorite…cupcakes. here is an amazing and simple way for you and your kids to thinks about and help children half way around the world. and who doesn’t love a great cupcake? and you can try out all of the pintrest ideas you’ve been pinning right?

so here is where the crazy idea comes in…what about a neighborhood sale?a city wide sale? what about a chicago land sale? what if we as western chicago land flooded sixty feet with donations…and our bellies with sugary sweetness? what if? what if we stopped drinking starbucks for the month and supported a child instead? what if we said no to the child in the backseat and said yes to a child who is truly hungry? what if we said no to ourselves and yes to God? what if? we are more than capable to make a difference in this world. i know at times it seems overwhelming and we feel stunted into not doing anything…but when was the last time you shelled out money to give your child another over the top birthday party?  when was the last time you came home with a car load of things that you “needed” at target?

we are busy, educated, loving moms who can make a difference! here is how you can…

1. check out sixty feet and the cupcake kids. i am telling will never be the same.

2. register – this is a way for the cupcake kids headquarters to know who they can be praying for on that day. it also helps track where are the cupcakes are being eaten up!!!

3. host a sale – outside on the lawn, at a local business, take orders beforehand and then deliver….the possibilities are there!

4. get your kids involved. i have not met a child that didn’t love making and selling the yummy goodness…

we have an opportunity to be a part of something bigger… something bigger than our backyards. so mark your calendar for may 5,2012!!!!!

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