Tuesday, April 19, 2011


super cute cupcake pops! thank you emily!!!

we had quite an assortment of choices thanks to mindy and maddie!!!

then avery gave up her friday night and learned how to make the yummiest brownie pops!!!

this weekend one of the best parts of it included sugar, butter and chocolate...now that makes any weekend amazing but the best part is what it was used for.

this past saturday was national cupcake day. all around the country cupcakes were made, tasted, licked, and bought to raise money for an organization that has broken my heart. http://sixtyfeet.org/

so my friends and daughters set out to out do each other on the deliciousness of chocolate and cuteness factor. they all donated all of their time and resources to make sure that we could contribute big to the cause.

i am so excited to tell you that we sent a check for 250.00 yesterday to sixty feet.

God is good....all the time...God is good.

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