Sunday, December 25, 2011


christmas1 081this christmas was a tad different this year. one. we weren’t in michigan. two. no snow. ( and to the blessings this is a BIG problem). like i’ve said before snow is the blessings love language. okay three out of four of them. most of the day was busy playing games. reading books. trying out their moves on the new skateboard. typical christmas activities. we made way too much food and spent the day smelling the yumminess coming from the kitchen.

yet still. still i had a little sadness. i know i am an extrovert. i thrive around others. they make me feel useful. happy.funnier. loved. i knew we weren’t going to be with my siblings this year. i thought i was ok with that (not so much). i even tried to invite people over all day so the house would be filled with more. more people. more laughter. more love.

but it’s the end of the day. and more was not in the plan for us this christmas. its quiet. dinner is done. dishes are washed. jammies are on. and bathes have been taken.

yet when i look back at this past year. more has been given abundantly.

more grace- i have seen grace poured out to those around me. and grace given time and time again to me. for mistakes i have made. hurts i have caused. things that haven’t been spoken. grace.

more love- my blessings have learned to love each other more. with compassion and empathy they have learned to pour out their hearts to each other and those around them. we have learned as a family to always be looking for opportunities to love others well.

more blessings- our family has begun the journey of adopting from east africa. this journey we have learned is not for the weak in heart. yet we know that God has called us to hear more footsteps each morning. we have been called to tell others about the joys of adoption. to see the need in the world. and how to take steps to pray down the 147 million children who will go to sleep tonight without a mom and dad.

more comfort- this year it has been made clear to us that our church is an extension of family. since neither of us live near our family. (we are a house divided michigan/ohio). our church family is our brothers and sisters. we are loving doing life with them. the hard. the ugly. the joy. the hope. we have comfort in this. knowing that God has us here at this time in our lives for a purpose greater than we see.

more generosity- we have had the opportunity to be generous with others and have been shown tremendous generosity this past year. many times i have said i don’t deserve all that has been given to us. but as my dear friend reminded me …that’s just like Jesus. we don’t deserve all that He has given us. we don’t. but then He gives. He gave. He gave it all.

more faith- both the teacher and i have story upon story of how Christ brought us to where we are. and we love to tell the stories of redemption. this year though has tested our faith. we have been stretched. angry. frustrated. begged for mountains to move. and yet at the end of this year we can see where we just held on. held on to the faith that He is a part of it all. He is a part of the mess. He is a part of the pain. He is a part of the loneliness. He is a part of the joy. He is a part of the excitement. and this we have faith in.

so as this christmas comes to a close. i pray for you. i pray that you will see the more in your life. the more that only Christ can give. merry christmas sweet ones. merry christmas.

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