Tuesday, December 6, 2011

changed to be a change

nov 072

this week we started our 25 random acts of kindness….today was “make and take food to the homeless”. this turned out to be one of the best days…the blessings were more than eager to feed others. they made 50 turkey and cheese sandwiches and then put a special note on each of them.nov 076 nov 084

we know we live in a lower income area. we know that. but we really still had no idea. just how many. how many need to be fed. how many need someone to know their name. we packed up the food and headed a couple of blocks away from where we live. we stopped by the side of the road and talked to a few people. told them they were loved. loved by the Most High and then asked them if we could pray. we then headed to the library. yep. the library. you see its cold outside. really cold. and we knew that many people go to the library to stay warm. to take a nap. to sit with friends. so when we walked into the library with a bag of food i never thought i would leave in tears. we ran out. we ran out of food. we had to walk away. the blessings and i cried alot last night. our prayers were different. our requests to Jesus included the men and women we had met an hour earlier.

this morning my youngest blessing asked why we did that last night. well honey…you see Jesus changed me. and now i want to help be the change. that’s it. only because of Jesus. only.

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amy wolgemuth bordoni said...

That is wonderful, Sheli. So very wonderful.