Tuesday, November 15, 2011

what is your posture?

this past weekend i attended together for adoption chicago. for the last few days i have been trying to wrap my mind around everything i heard. i fiercely took pages and pages of notes. at one point i turned to my friend next to me and said…um. i have so much to write about!

if you have never attended this conference i highly recommend it. its not just for people wondering about adoption. its about anyone. i mean anyone who wonders what really is adoption. what it means to have a posture of adoption. what is means for the church to be mobilized as a the church. what it means when you look in the mirror and realize that you too were adopted as a child of the King. what it means to fully accept your own adoption and respond.

we walked into this uber cool church it made me feel like i was back in grand rapids. the church was filled with patchouli wearing couples, pastors, social workers, seekers who wanted to be a part of something bigger. we worshiped, prayed. listened, made great connections, and prayed  some more for the church to step up and be the church. for christians to  be accountable. for we as adoptive parents to be a voice for others.  to be informed of all the ways we can help the fatherless child.and for all of us to remember that God first adopted us. plain and simple. and our call as believers should be one of gratitude.

these next few weeks i will write about some of the amazing things i learned. but i did just want to leave you with this. there are more christians in the world than orphans( 147 million). um. so…….what will our response be?

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