Friday, November 11, 2011


its been along time coming. but i did it. it was hard. their may or may have been tears but i found a new girl to do my hair. this may sound really shallow and not blog worthy but if you know me at all. i loved the girl who did my hair before. loved her. well i still love her i just have to love her from north carolina. i tried ask my husband if he would buy me a ticket to see her for halloween. that’s how much i miss love her. i mean who asks for a gift for halloween?

anyways, its a long explanation to what i am trying to get at. so this new girl. hilarious. makes me laugh so hard. conversation went from homing pigeons to wine making. pretty random. but made for one fun morning. so she asked me what i do. well she really asked me how i spend my day. i told her i write. i teach my blessings. i climb over the piles of laundry to play on the floor. i spend time with my friends. i count the days till i can be on african soil again. i dream of working for samaritans purse.and i love to be available to help anyone with anything at the drop of a hat. i get anxious when my days are so scheduled that it doesn’t leave room for what God wants to speak into it. and of course i do this all in pearls and high heels. (don’t we all?). she went on to say that she didn’t think any “church ladies” worked out of the home. gulp.

she thought by the perception that she has had with some women in the church that we spend our time cleaning our house. doing some volunteer work and make sure our kids are brilliantly perfect.

this got me to thinking. like i couldn’t shake this thought from my head all day. i kept thinking about what others see when they look at me/us. ( i know we are not supposed to care what others say but…) as a believer of Jesus i think we do. i think we need to care whether others see Jesus in our everyday. whether they see a servant, a giver, a compassionate, humble, on fire Jesus freak when they look at us. or do they just see someone in pearls? living her life trying to be like everyone else. it got me thinking what do people see when they look at me. i would much rather be known as a Jesus freak, woman at the well, john the baptist, paul in prison kind of girl than anything else. when i look in the mirror what do  i want to see. i want others to see who i love. who i live for. and this girl. this girl has no time for pearls.

that’s what i want others to see. that’s what i want Jesus to see. so…what do you want others to see?

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Helen said...

"This girl has no time for pearls." Love it! I agree with you complete. The way the world perceives us DOES matter. I love your heart and your thoughts in this post!