Wednesday, November 16, 2011

my file.

th_freckles one of the most poignant talks i heard this past weekend came from vermon pierre a wonderfully spoken pastor and adoptive dad. he spoke of our files. you see when a child enters the “system” either through foster care, orphanage, child protective services or juvenile court they are given a file.the files are filled with birth date, weight, height, sex, eye color, hair color, if they have siblings…all of the really important information to determine if they will be a “good” child.

and then the page is turned. to a check list. a list of what the child may have done. or have  had done to them. have a tendency for. or tested positive for.

acting out. fire starting.tb. hitting. kicking. attachment disorders. adhd. ptsd. ocd. wheelchair bound. downs syndrome. hiv. depression. sexually molested.anxiety. bed wetting. blind. deaf. learning difficulties. mute. rage. attention seeking. heart disorder. adjustment issues.

these can all be found in any childs file. as soon as we start reading some of these challenges we quickly state…well this child. this child would be too hard. this child would demand too much from me. this child. this child would disrupt our family. this child. this child is just too overwhelming.

yet when God. when God saw your file. when God saw my file. He said…she is Mine. she is not yours. I want this child. this child whose file is so thick with every offense done to Me. I want her. I want to love her.  I want her to be in My family. and My SON. My SON will pay the price. My SON will die on the cross so I can adopt her.

my file. my file has years of horribleness. anger. hatred. immorality. lust. deceit. depression. betrayal. drunkenness. jealousy. greed. but my God. my God said He would wait. He would fight. He waited 25 years for me. He looked at my file and still. still said. she’s Mine. she is My child.

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Anonymous said...

Me, too, Sheli. Me, too.

Beautiful writing!
Hugs, Shari