Monday, November 7, 2011

and the winner is…and other ramblings.

so the winner was named by my four year old. very scientific. she had to name a number and she picked 2. so the winner of love you more by jennifer grant is krissi. go ahead and email me with your shipping info so i can get the amazing read to you. congrats!

in other news. we held our first orphan sunday at church this past weekend. can i just tell you how amazing God is? amazing. i had such an array of emotions that day. everything from fear that no one would come. to pure joy that so many came. they came. they asked questions. they watched. they learned. it was so God. it was only God. i am beyond grateful for my church. for the loving, compassionate Jesus freaks i get to call family. i love them.

in completely other news we are looking forward to new unit studies of horses, lions, and thankfulness. we have also started learning new christmas carols on the piano. lets just say we won’t be asked to be in concert anytime soon. this month is all about slowing down a bit. loving each quiet moment with my blessings and soaking in His goodness. because He is good.all the time God is good.

and a little bit more…i can’t wait for this weekend. can’t wait to hang out at together for adoption-chicago…more on that later…..

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