Tuesday, October 25, 2011

the other list.

this summer i was asked to join redbud writers. as a woman i am honored and speechless. as a writer i am humbled to be among these talented, beautiful women seeking to change the world one word at a time. they are the most encouraging, thought provoking ladies i have ever met and i am pretty giddy i get to be with them.  as a girl who has wanted to have her voice heard for so many years this opportunity to be a part of God’s plan in this venue is simply amazing.

one of the perks of being a part of such an accomplished group of  writers is that i get a mentor. someone that has been where i am. ok not physically where i am that would be weird. but pen on paper where i am. so with this comes assignments. ugh. as anyone who knew me in college or  high school assignments were not my forte.(and you don’t need to comment what my forte was.) so i was given the task to write a list of topics that i would feel comfortable writing over 500 words about. no problem. i can do that….parenting, adoption, africa,social justice, suburban indifference, redemption…and the list goes on. after a few more sips of coffee i sat there looking at the list and it was quite clear what was missing from my list. and i realized i needed to make another list. a list of what scares me to write about. the topics i avoid. the topics i talk about only to my safe group of  girls. the topics that fill too many pages of my diaries. the topics that only Jesus knows about.

so now i have two lists. the list on the left.one where i am now. the list on the right. one where Jesus will bring me through. so that i may have one list. a list of freedom.


Helen said...

Sheli, I love your desire to integrate it all into one list and my prayers and support are with you as you do so! Can't wait to see what emerges as you share more of your story with us and the world! =) Glad to have you on board with Redbud!

amy wolgemuth bordoni said...

Amen, Sheli. You can do it! Your words will change lives (including yours). I know it.

I.K. Hadinger said...

So like our wonderfully good God who grows us as He leads us on the never-ending path of obedience and adventure.