Thursday, October 20, 2011

bigger jar

i have found a new love. okay maybe not love. more like makes me smile, wastes, occupies my time kinda love. pinterest . yep you know what i am talking about if you too are addicted in love with this site.besides finding amazing recipes, craft ideas, design inspirations i have found great home school links and ideas.

we decided this week to venture into our pinterest home school ideas.first up was van gough inspired art. we printed off coloring pages of his famous paintings and each day they have had to recreate his ideas using different elements. it has been messy sticky fun. its wonderful to see each childs creativity and vision shine through.

the one idea though that i got from a fellow homeschoolin mom whom i completely respect and want to live closer to is a thankful jar. kennedy was in charge of making the jar. decorating. styling. opening up her creative spirit and seeing what comes out. so after she cut up little pieces of paper to place in the jar she looked at me and said '”mom, we need a bigger jar”. wow. baby we do. we need a bigger jar to fill. we have so much to be thankful for. although each of our “thanks” look a bit different. emme is thankful for her nana( of course) and penguins ( um, okay). while kennedy spent a good half hour listing all of the things to be grateful for. everything from her warm clothes to house to the privilege of adopting her new siblings.

it got me to thinking though. about what am i really grateful for? and do i show it? we have been blessed. beyond measure blessed. with friends. family. a church. we adore them all. and i am so grateful. for the time they pour into us. the resources they have bestowed on us. the prayers they have prayed over us. they love us . they love us big.

but when i think of God. am i thankful? do i show it? do i really show it? do i show it enough to share it? and believe me i have so much to thank Him for. He alone saved me. from a life of self destructiveness. from a life of anger and bitter rage. from a life where i thought the degrees i wanted would bring me praise. from seeking the praise of those around me to gain my worth. He alone. He alone rescued me.

yet how often do i thank Him? do we thank Him? do you thank Him?

and if i really think about it. His power. His magnitude. His love. there is not a jar big enough.