Friday, October 14, 2011

schoolin it up

i thought i would share some photos this week of what schoolin it up here has been. now don’t go all calling the public schools because we are teaching all different….remember i am married to a public school teacher. in fact he is in some of the pics. kennedy is finishing her farmer boy this week and she wanted to go out with a bang. so she created on her own a backyard “county fair”. laura ingalls wilder would be so proud.  early oct 062

she is still rockin this hat her aunt rachel gave to her. you should check this link out kennedy was so proud of all the hard work she put into the planning.early oct 065

we had to have tickets to get in the back yard.early oct 077

first game. three legged race. lets just say the soccer players won by a long shot.early oct 089

relay race. and the soccer player will not loose.early oct 094

of course she made a snack booth. and somehow she thought my salted caramels were part of the deal…i don’t think so little lady.early oct 097

and what fair would be complete without apple bobbing? lets just say we had some very willing participants.early oct 110

early oct 122

 early oct 146

early oct 156

here is to another successful week of schoolin it up around here!

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Blessed Mommy said...

you are, by far, def the best teacher eva!!!