Thursday, September 15, 2011

lists change

today one of my blessings asked me if i had ever been to new york city. huh. nope never been there. walked the streets of slums in africa multiple times but never the bright lights of new york.but it got me to thinking. new york was on my list. on my list of things to do. things to see. things to say i have done.

when i was 17 and so full of wisdom and knowledge i made a list of "100 things to do before i die". i am almost positive the idea came from oprah. apparently she was a plethera of important life changing information. and with her personal guidance, because i truly thought, she must know what is best for me, i wrote my very inspiring list. i think i even sent it into her. because i am sure she read every letter and would respond in a timely manner or better yet ask me to be on her show. either way i was determined to write the list and start working on it.

some of the items on my list were.

-go to new york city and see a broadway show

-write a novel

-run a marathon

-go to paris

-get a great tan

-loose weight

-go to ireland

-meet oprah

-join the peace corps

as you can see these were very deep thought provoking. to look at my list when i became a mom looked a little like this.
-get four hours of uninterrupted sleep
-only serve organic food
-loose all of the baby weight by the time they start crawling
-get rid of the tv ( um,,,what?)
yet now. this is the only thing i want on my list.
-to live a life fearlessly in love with my Savior.
what is on your list?

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