Tuesday, September 13, 2011

grace this week.

this is what grace looks like around here this week. i called the teacher at school crying. well actually i called his best friend first.( he is a contractor) i needed to make sure that the whole house wasn't going to fall down. just things i think about when you have a 120 year old house.

of course the contractor said that everything is fixable. of course he would say that. i was more concerned at what the teacher would say. i had every scenario played out in my head already.

- you did what?

- awesome. do we have a money tree in the backyard that i don't know about?

-who told you to do this?

-did you forget we are adopting and don't have time for this?

- you need to stop watching hgtv.you are not the design star winner! (go meg!)

so i really was prepared as i called the teacher. i was ready. or i thought i was.

this is how it really played out.

-it's ok. you were just trying to help....

what? that's it? you're not angry? i don't have to sleep in the basement?( he really would never make me do that...unless i was puking maybe)

that my friends is grace.

he didn't judge me. make fun of me. yell at me. question me. just loved me.

and grace is what i need. and so don't deserve.

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Katie said...

I have tile....you can have it. It won't be exact. I have some white subway tile and some a lot of cream squares. That can lower the cost a little bit.