Friday, September 16, 2011

i am that mom

ten years ago. its been that long since my first was in preschool. ten long years. and apparently i have forgotten a few things along the way. or as i like to refer to it as- my head has become mush. just mush.

when the first blessing started school i was astonished by other mothers. astonished that they could not dress their children in matching clothes for school each day. astonished that the children's hair wasn’t combed. oh my. i probably thought i should call dcfs. this was horrible. neglectful. how dare you send your child to school each day and not have their backpack fully packed. the better moms would stand in the parking lot chatting about the latest sales, recipes, breast feeding pumps( i know right?). and then we would take our strollers and take a walk. and by walk i mean we would take a walk to get coffee.

so this year. my fourth started preschool. for sanity reasons she needed to go to school. away from me. for a few hours a week. just a few hours. ( don’t freak out home school peeps).so this is her first official week. she is more than delighted to be away from me us. well today it hit me. hard. in the head. i am that mom. i am the mom whose head is turned to mush. i have one backpack to pack  each week . one. and did she have one thing she needed today. nope. had no clue. did she have her hair brushed this morning. nope. i think bed head is back in anyways. did she have breakfast. nope. ( don’t go calling dcfs on this one. she got up way late today and was having a four year old moment for a good twenty minutes. it happens) anyways. i am that mom. except i realized as i picked her up. i am worse. i forgot to brush my own hair today.

so the next time we go and think judge other moms . just wait. you’ll have another child. you’ll have four more children. and you. like me. will be that mom.enjoy the mush. august 099

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