Sunday, September 11, 2011

she is my letter

a while back i heard a sermon by andy stanley. and i love me some andy stanley. maybe its the southern drawl thing. or the "say it like it is" " step on every one's toes" approach. whatever it is. i love it. anyways. he was talking about a letter he had written to his sunday school teacher years later as an adult. in the letter he thanked her for being the example of Christ. of her kindness. gentleness. and ultimately leading him to the Father. andy went on to ask that each of us during some point in the next week write our letter. to the person. or people who led you to the cross. well the procrastinator that i am .i didn't write my letter. and now its been way over a week. my letter is long overdue. yet i thought today. today is the perfect day. today we get to celebrate the day she was born. and today we all need some happiness. here is my letter.

dear chrissy....

for the life of me i am trying to remember the exact moment we met. i think it was at the mops table. you were probably late and i am sure i was there extra early desperate for a moment without a child tearing at my blouse. whatever the time frame this i do know. i still have the first note you ever sent to me. i was new. new to the church. new to being a mom. new without any friends. and you thought of me. you sent me a note telling me i made you laugh so hard. imagine that. i remember opening it and she likes me. she really like me. or you were just so impressed at how i could breast feed and drink coffee so gracefully that you invited me back the next week. and lets be honest. they had flavored creamer at mops...of course i was coming back.

fast forward two years. you had started a community group and i had just wanted to know more. more of why you believed what you believed. and what gave you the joy through all circumstances. and... you made me laugh and took me where i was at. through the years you sat by while i worked my way through the word. searching for answers. desperate for our Savior.

you my friend. led me there. you taught me what it was to have a personal relationship with the Almighty One. that was over eight years ago. and their is not a day that goes by that i don't thank God for who you are. my life has been changed because of you. because you told me. showed me. taught me. about Him.

and for this i thank you.

happy birthday sweet girl. the world is so much better with you in it.

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