Thursday, August 25, 2011

turkey sandwich.

we are on lunch break. and by lunch break i mean "momma needs a moment" . this week has been filled with blessing after blessing. we have started our school year out full of expectation and anticipation. the blessings have woken up on time ready and eager to be little learning sponges.

and then today hit. crankiness. complaining. tired eyes. arguing. ( and that was just me)

see i am slowly learning. and i mean slowly. what homeschool is doing to me.

its exposing this selfish, self consumed, ugly, mommy wants to read her own books side of myself. and its only been a week. (almost).

homeschool is exhausting me. its making me realize what it means to engage with someone. to look the blessings in the eye all day long. to feed into their little souls with a patient heart. to cuddle. to snuggle. to be creative. to give attention to every detail of their being.

friends have told me the first year you just figure it out.

so here is to grace. here is to mercy. here is to lunch breaks....and figuring it out.

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