Sunday, August 21, 2011

i have been reminded.

there are distinct moments in my life i will never forget. its like God said- take a deep breathe, this is important-. not like your first u2 concert. or winning a coupon in a contest. or loosing the last five pounds of baby weight. ( which by the way ...really? what about 5lbs. x four kids and too many mocha's?)not like when the cutest boy in high school calls. or when you find a deal on birkenstocks or better yet find them at a garage sale. no. not like that.

more like when your first child in born and you smell their sweet face. like when you know that the person sitting across from you is going to be with you forever. or when you get a call from an international agency saying that they have found your children( don't get excited...its not that yet) . or when you see a child walk, talk, count, read, laugh for the first time. that kind of moment.

yesterday was it. on the drive home i told my friends. -this is a day that will forever remind me-

remind of where i have been. where my Savior has brought me from. and where so many still are. yesterday reminded me of the urgency of the Gospel. it taught me that the trumpet is out of its case. yesterday brought me back to africa. back to where i felt God peel my soul back. it reminded me of how honored i am to have been a part of an organization that is healing a broken world by deeds and the Truth. i sat there watching a man i admire abundantly give his mission statement and tell of the glory of the King. i cried. my chest heaved with love. i thought. my grandfather would be so proud to know i am here. that as his grand daughter Jesus has turned my world upside down. that i am more excited to spend an afternoon with this man than anything else. that the same family that he has admired for years is changing our world. changing my life.

that Christ has brought me in the last eight years from a self destructive wanderer to a place of continual mercy and grace. to a place where now yesterday is one of my moments. to spend an afternoon with the team of samaritans purse and franklin graham, will graham, and cissie graham is where Christ has redeemed me to. redeemed me to moment that i will never forget.

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