Friday, August 26, 2011

none too happy.

not everyone around here is happy we decided to homeschool this year. i will give you some clues. she is opinionated. loves to sing random lyrics of taylor swift. feels very comfortable in a tutu. her nana is her best friend. and she is addicted to ranch dressing.

nope little emme is none too happy. she keeps asking the others when they are going back to school. as we have tried to explain to her that we will be learning at home this year she wants more of a clear explanation. she has some questions that need to be answered.

- where are their backpacks?

-do they get recess?

-where are their friends?

- how long will this day last?

- what about me?

ouch. i get it. she doesn't want to share. she had to share mommy all summer. but now she is ready to be four. she is ready to have mommy all to herself. she is ready to run errands . go to the library. go to target. go back to the gym ( aren't we all). and most importantly go to starbucks . ( ok maybe that's just me). either way i too am feeling her pain.

so last night she announced to everyone within a three mile radius that she was having mommy time. "no interrupting." she declared to anyone that needed to know.

she got to choose what we did. and she choose cake. we needed to make a cake because "my birthday is this year mom". of course we do sweet girl.

so for an hour we had "mommy time".

not sure what today holds. how she will be. or whether we will be making a cake everyday.

we are learning. everyday learning. on what is important. who is important. and sometimes its just chocolate cake.

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ESolgos said...

LOVE baby girl's expression!