Saturday, August 27, 2011


when i run into people i haven't seen or talked to in a while usually the first question they ask is- "any news?"
any news?
yes. their is always news.
news of children still waiting to be adopted.
news of families that need your support.
news of mommas who need a prayer.
news of thousands of children dying everyday in eastern africa.
news of children being sold into sex trafficking at the age of 7.
news of children watching their caregivers dying of AIDS.
news of children wondering if they will ever be sponsored.
news of families devastated by the longevity of international adoption.
news of brothers and sisters praying every night for Jesus to watch over their sibling overseas.
news of families needing you to be on your knees pleading for their children.
news of families afraid to even entertain the thought of adoption.
news of children eating dirt because they are so hungry.

news. that we ignore.
news. that we blame others for.
news. that we pretend doesn't involve us.
news. that we turn and look away.
news. that we believe God hasn't called us to.

news. that we can't deny .

so no. i don't have news about our adoption journey.
except this.
our God is faithful. our God is great. our God will sustain. our God is so good.
that is the news we have.

if you are moved at all.
the organizations on the side of blog will lead you to be a part of the news.
samaritans purse.
world vision.
147 million orphans.
project hopeful.
compassion international.
60 feet.
just love coffee.

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Chrissy said...

I love you and the voice you have for 147 million orphans and those waiting to adopt.