Sunday, August 28, 2011

cupcake orders anyone?

as august fades away and we are wiping the final beach sand out of the car. it can only mean one's kennedy's birthday!!!!!

this year kennedy wanted to do somethings a little different. instead of having a big party. she wanted to make other little ones smile. we have decided to have a cupcake sale!

we are making, baking, and selling all for sixty feet!

an organization that is so near and close to our family's heart. they are working to change the lives of children in the most dire circumstances.

this is how you can join us on this tasty birthday adventure....

1. place your order-(by the dozen)

2. make your tasty choice-

*vanilla w/pink frosting

*red velvet w/cream cheese frosting

*pudding filled yellow cake w/chocolate frosting

*chocolate w/chocolate frosting

3.make donation checks or cash out to the cupcake kids.

4. cupcakes will be delivered the week of kennedys birthday (sept.17-24)

5.pray for the children of sixty feet.

we are hyped up about all God is doing. and we are hyped up about all the frosting we get to make...and eat.

help make her birthday wish come true...

you can email me.

call me.( message me for that info)

facebook me. sheli geoghan-massie

would love to chat more...but we have some baking to do!