Monday, August 29, 2011

blessings in fingerpaint...

this week has been full of unexpected blessings. today again reminded me how blessed i am. the morning started with a knock at the door. it was a delivery from the cutest little curly-q blonde four year old delivering lunch for the massie kids! and her amazing mama wrote us a note of encouragement as we take on our second week of educating at home.can i tell you how excited my kids were to have a coke. ( they can be like daddy!!!)

and then this blessing came dear friend did this. right? gorgeous! she takes furniture and works her magic...turning it into art. the kids are so super pumped to have another space to get their learning on..check her out here...

my weekend started like this...breathtaking roses sitting on my kitchen table. made me cry. felt cared for and loved.all of this made me feel full. full to give more.

so to celebrate the blessings...we painted.

emme is all about it.

this is how my porch looks right?

kaidens version of abstract apple tree...

little boy i watch kinda ate the paint...oops.

kennedy would live at an art studio if i let her..

thank you for the blessings God. we are humbled.

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Brandy said...

I am so happy for you!!