Wednesday, April 27, 2011

their story...

throughout this whole adoption process we have seen the hand of God.

through an amazing woman and her daughters making and selling bake goods to people all over our community. telling the story of our adoption. to believers. unbelievers. and those whose curiosity was sparked.

to a family giving up their first saturday together in months to help sort for hours bags and bags of clothing for our garage sale.

through a gift on christmas eve that had us sobbing for hours at the heart of the person behind the gift. a gift that would change the course of this family forever.

through the training in downtown chicago where we would meet a couple who will walk with us step by step.through tears, frustrations, paperwork, legal messes...they are becoming our family.

to a couple who needed to introduce us to their daughter adopted 13 years ago from india. just needed to remind us to hold on. to hold on because the blessing is worth it.

through a friend who calls daily to check up on me to make sure that i am prayed for.

through a teacher who gave me an opportunity to speak about africa, clean water, and adoption to kids who may never experience such truth.

through a sister who trains for hours every day and gives up her weekends to run a marathon to raise funds to bring our little ones home.

to anonymous gifts dropped in our mailbox with prayers of love and encouragement.

through a letter that comes in the mail every couple of weeks that shares laughter and a reminder of what our future will look like.

through a family that donated an amount specific to giving hiv medication to a young girl in africa.

to a group of friends that spent endless hours planning, arranging, and pulling off a huge garage sale.

this is and many other stories will be theirs. their story on how much they are loved. how much they are wanted. how much we want them home...

this is their story....thank you for being a part of it

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