Sunday, April 17, 2011

laura kelly style

when we first decided to begin this adoption journey we knew without a doubt that we would have to do some fundraising. and by some i mean alot. its amazing how much money it costs to bring home a little one much less two. but we also knew without a doubt that we were obeying God and that He would provide. and this weekend. He did. He showed up big.

one of the blogs that i follow. and absolutely love is laura kelly. http://http//

she is one of the coolest most talented people i have ever met. just sayin. and if she lived closer to me my friend erika would try our hardest to be her bff's. when i read her blog i laugh and cry and get so excited about her art and family and heart for Jesus. so when i asked her if she could give me some tips on how to run a successful adoption fundraising garage sale lets just say i took her advice and ran with it. so needless to say we had a huge "laura kelly style sale" this weekend. it rained. it snowed. the wind blew crazy. but we were bound and determined to bring these babies home from uganda....

i am beyond thankful and grateful for all of the families that donated their items and there time space to help bring our children home. we had over 20 families donate from all over the area. we had people come to the sale that just wanted to offer encouragement and to "hold on for the blessing". we had those that came with the children that they had adopted throughout the years. we had those come that just wanted to ask questions and those that handed me checks i am still in shock over. to say that i am grateful is an understatement. i am in awe. i am in awe of Jesus Christ. i am in awe of those this weekend that loved Him enough to help bring two more orphans home.

thank you. thank you for loving those you have not seen. we are in awe.

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