Monday, February 21, 2011


four is a big number. especially if you are three. four means that you get a whole piece of gum. four means that you hopefully, God willing will sleep in your own bed all night. four means that next fall you get to go to school. four means that your nana comes to visit and bakes a giant cupcake for you. four means that you can wear as many dresses as you want each day and we call it cute. four means that you no longer want a sippy cup. four means that you no longer have to be three.

but four means something else too. four means that its been that long since i walked through the doors of our church. four means that on that day i met one woman who would change my life forever after she told me my buttons to my shirt were completely undone ( but that's a whole other story). four means that i kicked and screamed and pouted like i was four to even be at that church. four means that i had to say goodbye to all of my friends i moved away from. four means i started meeting with women whom i had never met. four means that we have been through four years together. four years of babies. four years of birthdays. four years of death. four years of pain. four years of addiction. four years of joy. four years of laughter. four years of baptism. four years of sickness. four years of adoption. four years of suffering. four years of kleenex. four years of coffee. four years of the holy spirit. four years of spiritual warfare. four years of africa. four years of costa rica. four years of forgiveness. four years of redemption.four years of love.

four years that i would never change.

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Hannah Viney said...

I feel the love that you pour onto your children....thanks for that post!