Saturday, June 12, 2010

a year

a year ago i left for liberia. i left thinking this was a one time deal. i left excited to be traveling closest friends. friends that know everything about me. friends that pray me up and laugh till we pee kind of friends. i love these friends. i love them because they take me. take me where i am at. and know i will not always be where i am at. i love them because they have seen what i have seen. they have seen the starving child. the woman raped and blinded by the rebels. they have seen the hills of africa and the rain over the ocean. they have laid hands on those dying of aids. i love them. i love them because they love Jesus. they adore Him. they live their lives. just for Him. not for the world. not for the pta. not for the neighborhood. they live just for Him. i love them because they see better for me. they pray with knees bent. they stand in front of the fire and some days they walk through it. but they do. they keep walking. i love them because they inspire me. they teach me. they struggle with me.
i knew liberia would change me. i didn't know though that i would love more. i do. love those girls more. a year ago i never knew.

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