Friday, July 2, 2010


i had plans. plans when i was 18. i had a list. a list of plans i thought would fit in to my life

plans to save the world. join the peace corps. live off the land. write a novel. see oprah. read all of steinbeck. visit paris. stay the same size that i was in high school. run a marathon. see a play in new york. be published. take photography classes. complete my masters degree.

i had plans. plans that i thought would make me happy. bring me joy. make me proud kind of plans.

i think God laughed at my plans. He had another idea.

His plans were a little different. plans to have a baby. plans to leave college early. plans to finish college later. plans to get married young. plans to move away from my family. plans to help raise 12 teenage boys. plans to have my marriage be the toughest thing ever. plans to have more babies. plans to work with the mentally ill. plans to feel loss of family members. plans to meet Him. plans to meet amazing friends. plans to be baptized. plans to travel to other countries for fun. plans to be in africa. plans for africa to be a part of my life. plans to work with refugees. plans to love Him. plans to desire Him. plans to question Him. plans. i had plans. He did too.


JCFC said...

so I mean technically you're published on this blog so you can cross if off your old/future list?!


avery said...

God's plans are a work of art!!!