Saturday, June 12, 2010

last week emme was sick. not like stuffy nose sick. more like running a 104 fever and can't move sick. now for some parents that may not be a big deal. but for my house it was.

emme is not a quiet child. she came in to this world screaming and hasn't stopped. she is what one would call feisty. or spirited. or independent. or the youngest of four kids. whatever you call her she is who she is. i wonder on occasion what God has planned for me with her. or better yet what He has planned for her.

so for one week she ran a high fever. wanting to be held the entire day not making dinner or playing outside kind of holding. the fever would go down a little and she would be thirsty but she wasn't eating any food. she slept about 20 hours a day. in my arms. which was a great workout but did get tiring. she just was a sick little pumpkin. not having her run around the house for a week was quiet. not a good quiet. a tired quiet.

one night as i was holding her while she slept i started thinking. thinking about how thankful i need to be. thankful that i have a house to hold my baby in. thankful that i have a phone to call for help. thankful that i have a doctor. thankful that i have insurance. thankful that i have medicine available day or night. thankful that i have a hospital. thankful i have a car to get her anywhere. thankful i have clean water to give her. thankful.

she did get better. and she is back to kissing little boys. she is back to coloring everywhere. she is back to wanting to call her nana in michigan everyday. she is back to running after her brother and sisters.

i am thankful. thankful for my emme.

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