Saturday, March 13, 2010


even before he was born something was different. i went to yoga. i stopped working. i drank a lot of tea. i lived to lay in the sun. or read. or write. i thought i looked good prego. i felt good. i was all zen or whatever. and it was different.

even when i went in to labor it was different. i thought i was just getting the flu. apparnetly not. i think i pushed three times. that was it. no meds. no screaming. three times. that's it. very calm and relaxing. however calming giving birth can be.

and he is different. calming different. butterfly kisses different. wants to be by his mom different. will sit and play lego's for hours with his papa different. will rub his sisters back when she is crying different. prays for the kids in haiti and africa different. wants to meet Jesus to ask him a few things different. doesn't play video games, have play guns, watch more than an half hour of tv a day different.

i love my different.

others have noticed he is different. others have started to question it. others that are his age. others that are my age. others ask how will he make it in this world? how will he fit in? how will he not be bullied?

i love my different. i love that he doesn't fit in. i love that he doesn't look like the world. i love that he stands apart. i love that he care more about the world than things of the world. i love that he has an imagination. i love that he is different. he has made me different.

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