Sunday, January 24, 2010


inspired. i am inspired by people. i am inspired by authors. i am inspired by Jesus. i am inspired by my children.

my children daily inspire me.

i daily stop in awe of them. in awe. in awe of their hearts. in awe of the love they show. in awe of the compassion pouring from their every being. in awe of the contagious laughter. the laughter that makes you want to pee your pants kind of laughter. in awe of their fight for the unlovable. in awe of the empathy they carry. in awe of the creativity. in awe of the spirit inside of them that makes them want to live in africa. in awe of the love. the love of Jesus that they want to tell the world about.

and i am inspired by it all.

inspired because it came from you. you who daily love them. you who daily pray for them. you who build tents in my living room with them. you who radiate Jesus to them. you who comfort them. you who let them sing taylor swift songs and eat chocolate for dinner. you who give them baths without using soap because they are too much in a hurry. you who hug them. you who teach them. you who laugh with them. you.

i am inspired. i am blessed.

my children will forever be more because of you.

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Chrissy said...

Ditto! Thanks for sharing them with my family.