Saturday, March 13, 2010

we have time. time to watch oprah. time to facebook. time to go to starbucks. time to workout. time to go shopping. time to watch greys. time for lost. time eat more girl scout cookies. time to get our nails done. time to text. time. we have it.
so. this is my question. when we face Jesus. will He say.thank you? thank you for facebooking. thank you for keeping up with oprah and trying to live up to her standards. thank you. thank you for wasting all of your money on four dollar coffees. thank you for finishing that box of so delicious cookies. thank you for inhaling all of the toxic fumes at the nail salon. thank you for having a body that looks like the cover of every magazine.thank you for making sure that adultery is still running ramp id on evening tv and all day tv.thank you. thank you for being of the world. is that what our Savior will say?
or will He say. stop. stop wasting your time. stop wasting your money. stop wasting your energy. just stop.
see the world. see it and change it. you have time.
you have time. time to write a letter to a friend. time to serve at the homeless shelter. time to clean out your closets and give it away. time to give away your four dollars to provide clean water for a child in africa. time. time to visit the elderly. time to read to a child. time to clean your neighbors house. time to call a teacher and say thank you. time to read about the injustice in this world. time to change. you have time.

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