Friday, June 5, 2009


a few months ago our family dog kizzie had to be put to sleep. she had lived a great life. her days consisted of following the kids around, eating the cookies they would feed her during snack time, trying to scare away the squirrels in the yard, and taking many naps. but when she could no longer run, trot or walk we knew the time had come. and for our oldest child avery it was devastating. this lab was her best friend. they had seen each other grow up. so to say goodbye to your oldest friend broke her heart. it broke all of our hearts. as she lay next to kizzie on the floor that morning she said through tears " i will see you in heaven my friend".my heart broke. it broke to see my little girl in so much pain.

last night i saw that pain again. the puppy we were getting ready to adopt passed away. she had gotten dehydrated and passed on before we could take her home. but i still saw the pain in my daughters eyes. and then i realized again how amazing she is. she has such a heart full of compassion and empathy. she loves. she loves deeply. i do believe she will work with animals as a career. it is in her. it is in her every being. i do believe that in heaven she will be surrounded with all of the animals she has loved and those that need loving. that is who she is. she just gets it. and her pain will be no more.

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ESolgos said...

I am so sorry! What heartache.