Monday, June 8, 2009

pushing me

i am so blessed to have amazing friends. amazing. since i live about four hours away from all of my family i rely on my friends. i think of them as my family. and i am a family girl. it hurts my heart to think of my mom so far away from me. i am the type of girl that would hang out with her mom and sisters whenever she could.(and my brothers too! ) i am the type of girl that wants her kids to have their grandparents there all of the time. for all of the school events and just to drop by and get a popsicle kind of grandparents. but God chose different for me. even though for years i have been praying to move closer to home God wants me here. some days i question it. some days i cry about it. but God sent me friends.

friends that push me. push me to make lists. push me to pray harder. push me to laugh longer. push me to except me. push me to be a better mom. push me to look in the mirror. push me to love.push me to be me.
and so the times that i am feeling so far away from my family i need to just remember that God has placed these amazing friends in my life. i just need a little push sometimes to remember.

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