Monday, June 1, 2009

baby sis

last night my baby sister graduated from high school. now to some that may not be a big deal. another sister another graduation. but i remember eighteen years ago at the age of sixteen that my mom told us she was having another baby. i literally wanted to melt into the wall. seriously? how could my parents humiliate me anymore? i was trying hard to just be known in high school but now i would be known as the girl with a sister sixteen years younger. the one with the sister always at her feet. the one with the baby crying in the middle of my important phone calls with my boyfriend of the month. seriously? obviously my parents were not thinking of the damage this would do to my social status. and really is anything more important?

but last night.....was amazing. my beautiful, intelligent baby sister graduated with honors. she lead the opening prayer, she played five instruments, she sang, she was honored for all of her academic, sports, and theater performances. it was her moment. i was so proud. all five siblings were there. it was our time to say thank you to her. thank you for coming into our lives. thank you for all you are.all you are going to be. thank you.

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bear said...

thanks sis! love you lots!