Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Toes in the sand reading.

The beach. My children. And a book is all I need for a perfect day. Nothing says that is going to be a great summer more than a face full of freckles and a bag full of books. So as the summer grows closer I blog creep, and Facebook creep others posts on what they are reading. I pretty much know from their book choices if we could be friends in the “real “world. So far I know that Tina Fey and Jen Hatmaker would be my BFF’s. So here is my summer reading list and the books that I have read this past winter . Some I may read all of and some I just get bored and move on. But most nights I go to bed with three or four books. I also keep one in my purse so in case I get bored with reading magazines in the waiting rooms. I put them in three categories for you.

Books I am reading-

The Whole- Brain Child- This was recommended by a fellow adoptive mama . I was skeptical. Like I don’t read medical books. I don’t really have a desire to know how things work. I just want them to. But I checked it out of the library and kept reading it. And then I rang up a huge fine and decided I just better buy it. So here I am with my brand new copy and I am enjoying it. Not like a “spa day enjoy” more like a light just came on in my heart about all of my children enjoy. It really works. Not only for adoptive families but for any family that wants to be better at understanding each other.

Love Does by Bob Goff. I have read most of it but then lent it out before I finished. So its back on my purse. I plan on finishing it this next week. Or tonight. Its really that good. It’s up there with Crazy Love on my list.

Bothers K . I got this recommendation from Facebook creeping. My friend Amy and I have similar interests and passions. So when someone recommended this novel to her and then others agreed I knew I had found my new book. I love this book. It is reminding me of East of Eden and We Were the Mulvaneys with a dose of baseball thrown in. It is wonderfully written and I am brought to another time and family when I am reading.

Books I have read in the last six months-

The Inner Voice of Love by Henri J. M. Nouwen- this book fed my soul. Literally there were moments when I just opened up to a page and prayed that it would speak to me. It did more than speak to me. It helped heal me. I felt like God himself was writing a letter to me so intimate and personal that no one would understand. If you know of anyone going through depression or loss in anyway please send them this book. My sweet friend sent this to me years ago. Never knowing that in my darkest moments this past winter my heart would heal in those pages.

Bread and Wine by Shauna Niequist. I could not put this book down. I am a foody. And by that I mean I like to eat food. Throw in that she talks about West Michigan a lot and her love of her friends and I feel like she is breathing into my soul. Run and get this book. Or have a glass of wine and then go get this book.

Carry on Warrior. This was an easy read for me. I have mixed feelings about this one. She had me laughing hysterically one chapter. Crying the next and then beyond mad the next. Her views on some issues I don’t agree with and we could have some serious discussions over coffee about it. But all in all it is a quick and fun read.

Pope Joan- Okay .I lied I read this in Uganda. I thought it would last me the entire time I was there. Who was I kidding. I had it done in a matter of days. It was a fascinating book. I would read it again and again. Except I know how it ends. So, there is that.

Books on my amazon wish list

And the Mountains Echoed. – Because I have loved everything he has ever written. You may be familiar with a little book called The Kite Runner. Yep. I have heard this book is even better!

Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls- David Sedaris. Need I say more? Those of you that don’t like sarcasm don’t read it. Also don’t read it if you don’t want to laugh. It is probably not rated G either.

Wrecked – Jeff Goins. I just need some more wrecking of my life. I need more Jesus and less of me. Like a whole lot less of me.

Storyline: Finding your story in God’s subplot – This past year has rocked me to the core. I am still climbing out. I am still trying to catch my breath and find the courage to write my story. It’s all in my computer. It’s me standing in the way. And I know Donald Miller gets it. He gets what it is like to be a writer and the fear that comes with it.

I would love to hear what you are reading or want to read this summer!

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Lesa said...

Nouwen's "The Inner Voice of Love" soul food for sure. "Always Come Back to the Solid Place" (page 8) the page is dog-eared so i can grab and read and find some form of peace...