Tuesday, June 4, 2013

not a winter mom.

I suck as a mom. That is, as a winter mom. I am not ashamed to admit it. I literally know that I am a more loveable and likeable mom in the summer. That is not to say I don’t love winter. I do . I have Michigan blood in me. So of course I love winter . I love to build snowmen, shoveling, skiing, sledding, and snow days. Yet having Michigan blood in me also means that I love the lake, sand dunes, camping, gardening, mowing the lawn, hiking, boating, skiing, swimming, campfires and a great tan. With that said though I have noticed that I do better as a mom in the summer. I think I was supposed to be born in California or somewhere magical where the weather is always warm and the pool is always open.

You see in the summer the kids are all home. I love them home. I love being home with them. I see other moms Facebook status’s that they are dreading having their kids home. While others are signing their kids up for different activities all summer and they end of being a taxi driver instead. Not me. I want them home. They need to be home. Together. Just us as a family.

And this is why I am a better after the last day of school.

-Popsicles.( Who doesn’t smile eating one?)

-Bike rides ( Grateful that they love to be outside and could care less to play any video games)

-Library reading program (ok. Really only 3 of my children fully participate. The other two could care less if they ever read an entire book ever. Proud mama moment)

-Camping ( the best, cheapest vacation we have ever done with our kids, best memories and you constantly smell like campfire which is a plus)

-Michigan (if we could move there for the summer we totally would, so instead we take as many trips as we can to visit family )

-Pool ( We have amazing friends who let us live at their pool and we also get passes to a local swimming hole. We literally will spend hours a day there, every day. I am so lucky my kids love the sun and are little fishes like me.)

-Campfires ( I love the smell of campfires. I know it’s weird. Whatever. I love it.)

-Smore’s( I think smore’s should be a food group. Along with caramel. So we try and have them as much as our bellies can take.)

-Friends ( I love being the house that kids come to for play dates, popsicles, lunch with our door constantly swinging open.)

No schedule( This one is my favorite. We have no schedule. We don’t sign our kids up for camps all summer. They can go to church camp and that is about it. We really want them here with us. Playing. Laughing. Fighting. Learning. Reading.)

And to be honest serotonin. I know you usually don’t see that on your “what I love about summer lists” but it makes mine. In the winter it seems to not even show up in me so by the time that spring rolls around I know my delivery of serotonin is coming soon. I am a happier mom. Full of energy mom. Cannot wait to try out a new park mom. Love to pack a picnic mom. Yes you can have three popsicle’s for lunch mom. Don’t judge. It’s summer.

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Blessed Mommy said...

i love you, and wish i was there to share summer with you.. and even living in cali, i still agree about the "no schedule" things -- that would make anyone a better mom!