Wednesday, September 5, 2012

goodbye friends….

This week. Not in the plan. For peats sake I made a Google calendar people. Ok. Maybe my highly scheduled beautiful friend made it for me. But that is beside the point. The point it that this week was nowhere on the radar of things that were supposed to happen.

Just to back up a bit. This is what was supposed to happen.

Sunday- Church. Pack. Spend time with kiddos. Get girls school supplies.

Monday – Sleep in. Make fruit tray. Go to a pool party. ( Emme had her suit packed for days)

Tuesday- lunch with my best friends with a lot of laughing and crying. Spend evening with Kennedy celebrating her birthday a few weeks early. Clean house.

Wednesday- pack all day. Meet for coffee with one of my mentors to have some serious prayer time. Pack some more.

That was the plan. I even it color coordinated. (well,. She did). I was following the plan.

Yet this is now my weekend really went.

Sunday- wake up to a child wreathing in pain from her stomach. Tim rushes her to the hospital because of labored breathing. Take older kids to church. Worship for the last time with my church family. Get a text that Emme is being admitted and looked at by a surgeon. Drive frantically to the hospital. Leave kids with amazing family for the day. But they are not with me. Emme has emergency surgery on her stomach. I bawl my eyes out in front of the surgeon .Our friends come around us and completely love on us. And we pray for complete healing. I sleep lay in a chair that supposedly reclines to get no rest at all.

Monday- Wake to hearing Emme crying in pain and nurses poking her. Spend the day watching pbs with a five year old high on morphine. It does make for some great stories. (ie. Why is the spoon my neighbor mom?) Friends come and love on us and family calls from hundreds of miles away wishing they could be there. Once again sleep in the most amazing bed. I highly recommend it if you are looking to visit the chiropractor more frequently. Not tell Emme that her friends are swimming without her. Take a nap in the same clothes I had been wearing for 48 hours. awesomesauce.

Tuesday- Released from hospital. Clean up urine all over the floor for hours seeing that Emme can’t make it to the bathroom in time. Completely miss lunch time with friends. Forget to return texts and phone calls. Fall asleep on the couch and forget to wrap my daughters present. Fall asleep literally at 8:47pm and wake up in my own bed. Halleluiah.

Wednesday- Back to the doctor for Emme. Her pediatrician tells us that she cannot go back to school for weeks. Weeks people. Um. Ok. Pray on my way home from the doctors that my children have seen the list of things I asked them to do and actually rolled out of bed to do them. oh. and killer migraine.

So this week is not what I planned. But this whole adoption journey has not been what I planned. But Jesus has, He knew from the very beginning that things would end up this way. That my Google calendar was nothing but a laughable piece of paper.

But here we are. In 48 hours I leave to see my son for the very first time. To hear his voice. To count his toes. To kiss his sweet belly. To feel his heart next to mine.

And as I pack the last bag I just needed to say thank you. Thank you to all of you who have supported us. We have felt the love and prayers from all over the world and we are so grateful . You are all a part of his story and therefor apart of God’s story.

And as I pick myself out of the ugly cry that has been going on for weeks I know that God has this planned out. It is not my plan. Or Google’s. Or anyone else’s. This whole journey has been God’s plan. And we are so blessed that you have all been a part of it.

Thank you.

I will not be blogging while away. I will update as soon as I can….blessings my friends….

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