Tuesday, May 22, 2012


last week one of my best friends sent me a “test” to take. not like a first grade “will you be my friend check this box” test. but a love language test. in her abundant selfless nature she wanted to know how she could love me better. be a better friend. reach me where i am at friend.

to no avail to either of us what speaks to my heart is words. not deeds. not gifts. not touch. but words.

i have had a love affair with words for years. when i was younger i had a friend who would read the dictionary. at the time i thought she was just a smarty pants who wanted to win the school spelling bee. little did i know what words could do to change your life. to change your frame of mind. to change your perception. to change your spirit.

this past weekend was one of the most fulfilling weekends of my life. last summer i had been asked to join this esteemed group of women. the redbud writer’s guild is full of strong, brave, Jesus loving women who know with words we bring awareness and truth.

at one point i had the privilege of joining a small writing prompts group led by a woman i have admired from afar for years. she with her gentle words coaxed vulnerability out of all of us. she provided safety for our words to be exposed. this exercise brought forth memories that only a handful of people know about my story. i sat there. raw. visible. found.

yet then. then words came. words of love. words of support. words of acceptance. words of encouragement. words of grace. words of anticipation. words of protection.

and to no one’s knowledge but my own. they were speaking my language.


Lesa said...

As a witness to your words in that library...I cant wait to see/hear more. We were on holy ground.

Anonymous said...

nice opinion.. thanks for posting.