Tuesday, May 29, 2012

facebook and uganda

as i write this i have tears streaming down my face. i had just posted on facebook that i had gotten every piece of paperwork together to be sent to uganda tomorrow. and here i am crying like a hormonal teenager. or like a thirty something woman that feels supported( perhaps a little hormonal). as soon as i posted it i saw women, men, moms, aunts all over the country giving encouragement.

for many of us the constant and instant feedback that social media provides may at time seems daunting or even invasive. but for this mom. at this moment. i feel loved.i feel heard. and i cry because i know even though i have never met some of these people in the “real world” they know my joy in this moment. they too know my heartache. when things are lost. when papers are not filed. they pray for me when my heart can hardly bear another door shut.

in the same way when i see pictures of them meeting their precious ones for the first time i feel like we have journeyed this road together. for as many of my friends and family that have tried to understand and ask questions.and then there are those that have just stopped asking.

those that have gone before me or even a few months before me. they get it. its an unspoken language we have amongst each other. listening. understanding strange words like dossier. affidavit. visas (not the kind you charge with). yellow fever. immigration status. re-adoption. all of these words come with emotions. hurdles. and many times insurmountable obstacles.

though we are closer to bringing our newest blessing home. we are no where near the finish line. but i know this. even if those in close proximity do not understand. there are those all over the country that can say they do. and i need you to know this. i am so grateful. i am blessed by your encouragement. i am strengthened by your courage. and i am braver because of you. thank you sweet friends. thank you.

to those who think that social media is such a waste of time. yes perhaps. yet it can also be used to build each other up. to pray for each other. to ask for help. to be the voice that we all need to hear.


Karen said...

Oh Sheli, I remember feeling this way during our adoption too. The adoption community online is the most loving, compassionate, inclusive group. I am so glad you've found comfort with other mamas going through the process too. Praying for you as you endure the wait!!

Robin Dodd Photography said...

Sheli! How exciting! I wanted to recommend a book by Melissa Fay Greene, No biking in the House: without a helmet. It's so amazing. I listened to it on audio and really took my time, because I didn't want it to end. It's so insightful. She's the reason I chose AAI as our agency , I had read "There is no me without you, another great book.

Anonymous said...

In tears for you, me and the others we know who are waiting...thank you for understanding and touching my heart! ~The other T & M