Wednesday, October 5, 2011

we don’t talk about it

i am a talker. i am a writer. i am a people lover. i am a broken girl in love with her King. i love my children. i love adoption. i love reading. i love africa. i love my friends. i love to laugh. i love thai food. i love a great cup of coffee. i love the beach. i love my family. i love campfires. i love mowing the lawn. (weird heh?) i love watching worthless tv. i love catching fireflies. i love u2. i love talking about how i got to where i am today.
but there is a part of my life i don’t like to talk about.


to read the rest of this post…follow me here to (in)courage.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Sheli!! Both you and your blog!!
xoxo Trish

Julie Garmon said...

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Love, love your honesty. I put my comment on the watch blog and meant to put it here. Love your writing!

Katie @ Imperfect People said...

Hello I couldn't find a way to contact you besides commenting but I would love to chat about you sharing your story at feel free to email me at katieb at

Brandee said...

Sheli, loved reading your story on incourage. I can very much relate coming from a background of abuse myself. The baggage I brought into my marriage was unbelievable but I praise the Lord that He alone heals and sets us free!

God Bless sister,

Heart's Home said...
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Heart's Home said...

Thank you so much for your courageous and tender sharing. I am so grateful that we live in an era where unhealthy secrets are being shared and brought into the light for healing. Your story tells so many stories -- and yes, the whole story is what gives God the glory. Thank you for taking the risk to go into the vulnerable place and bring it out in such a public place. I pray you will receive much encouragement, affirmation and love in answer to your stepping out. I pray God will meet you in that very deep and tender place once again and be your shield and defender (since exposing ourselves can feel, well, exposed ..). Your bravery has inspired me today. Thank you.