Saturday, May 21, 2011


it occurred to me today that i haven't given an update in a while...

so where are we?

we have submitted all of our paperwork.

we have mailed our paperwork to required departments of the US

we are waiting for the international agency to let us know who are children are.( big big big)

this could happen tomorrow or six months from now.

so we are in the waiting.

and in the waiting i cling to Jesus.

in the waiting i pray.

in the waiting i dream of their sweet faces, toes, belly buttons, and noses.

and in the waiting i cling to Jesus.

in the waiting i rejoice with those around whose families change overnight.

in the waiting i ache. i ache for those who have been waiting for years and may still wait longer.

in the waiting though i will cling. i will cling to trust i have. the trust that all the funds will come in. that the paperwork will be filed. that my sweet babies will stay healthy. that hearts around me will be softened to God's plan of adoption. that His name be glorified through this while process. that He receive all the praise. i cling to all of this.

and until the day i bring my sweet babies home i will cling.

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