Saturday, May 28, 2011

she gets to be " one up"

it makes me cringe when i hear moms brag about their kids. okay maybe not so much brag but "one up" other moms. don't pretend you don't know what i'm talking about about. you know. the mom that needs to outdo every story that you try to tell . if your kids scored the winning goal, her kids won the championship. if your kid one the spelling bee, her child has never gotten lower than an "A" on any test, report card, and never missed a day at school. you know that mom. you eventually stop telling them any stories because you can't bear to hear another story about how perfect their child is.

but i need a moment to be that mom. just a moment.

kennedy is my spunky little one. the spunky one who has been bullied, left out, avoided and ignored at school all year. its been a rough year. to say that we are jumping for joy that it is summer is an understatement. she is counting down the hours that she has left this year.

yet their is one day in the school year that she lives for-field day. yep. field day.

she got that from her dad. not me. i hated field day. i couldn't run. i never won . and i hate to loose. but kennedy lives for that day. she even asked if the night before she could have pasta so she could "energy up" for the races.

see on field day its her playing field. she loves to run. loves to. she loves to compete. and she too hates to loose.

so for one day a year. she feels like she can succeed. that she can win. that she can do anything.

and for one day her confidence grows immensely.

she started the first race with a huge smile on her face. she knew that those girls who had teased her all year had no chance. she believed that for once this year she could win and she did.

she won all her races. and for a school of over 500. this makes me one proud mama. so it's kenneys moment to "one up". even if it is only one day.

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