Monday, March 14, 2011

ways to bring them home

i have had people ask me lately how they can be a part of bringing our babies home. which makes this mama's heart leap for joy. it makes me so excited to know that others want to be a part of the journey to uganda in a tangible way. and for that i am humbly blessed.

so we have set up a few ways that those that feel called can get involved or donate.

1. pray. pray for our babies over there in africa. pray for those that are waiting to be adopted. pray for 147 million orphans that someone will hear there voice and respond. pray for our families that their hearts would be broken to the cry of the orphan. pray that we are creating a home welcoming and full of love for the two new little ones.

2. just love coffee! an amazing organization that serves those who are wanting to adopt and helping that dream come true.

3.everybody loves a great t-shirt right? so we have partnered up with another great organization called wild olive t-shirts. they are a company started by a group of moms who wanted to bring their babies home from all over the world. cute. adorable t-shirts! be sure to enter MASSIE0305 for the coupon code

4. ok this one rocks. just rocks. my amazing sister ( see above pic) is running to bring them home. not just running. running 26.2 miles in the chicago marathon to bring these sweet babies home. now seriously? how much does that rock! she made me cry so hard when she told me. i mean really how much more amazing could she get. so you can donate for every mile run. or every mile she will be training or just in her honor! on the side of the blog their is a donate button that will go directly to bring our sweet ones home from uganda.

5. pray some more. pray that God open doors and eyes to those who know. and those who do nothing for 147 million.


Avery said...

Love you Aunt Rachel!!!

Avery said...

Thank you so much for running and helping us get our kiddos!